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Country of manufacture:Germany

Kolostrometr - a simple and reliable device determination of immunoglobulins in colostrum.

With this device you can quickly and easily make a selection of colostrum feeding newborn calves.

The amount of immunoglobulins in the colostrum varies between 10 and 140g / n - is genetically determined, and depend on the time of receipt of colostrum after birth, the usefulness of feeding, age and breed of cows. Qualitative colostrum contains at least 60g / L of immunoglobulin. For calves in the first portion of colostrum immunoglobulin content should be not less than 90 g, and the more it gets into the body, the better the resistance of the newborn. Colostrum obtained from heifers (cows pervotelnoy) is always less quality compared to the colostrum from cows, especially over the third lactation.

Rules for working with kolostrometrom:

Prepare the udder for milking
Collect first colostrum dry, clean Bags need
Fill 2/3 of the measuring flask colostrum (2.1 liters). Wait colostrum lo cool to room temperature (22 C)
Gently place the meter in a flask filled with colostrum. The measuring device in the flask should be free to keep afloat.
Determine the quality of the colostrum according to the color scale on the meter.
Use colostrum high and medium quality during the first feeding or save for future use.

Use of poor quality colostrum for feeding of calves by age 1 day. Do not store colostrum!

Country of manufacture:Germany
Packaging:Cardboard box
Information is up-to-date: 05.06.2020
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