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Disinfectant Cruise 2
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Disinfectant Cruise 2

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The disinfectant based on peracetic acid (cold disinfection). The tool is designed for low temperature pre - washed disinfection process equipment, communications, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis units, circulating polycarbonate bottles and polyester (PET, PEN) bottles, tools, containers circulation method, irrigation, immersion. Is used in automated washing systems, closed (CIP - washing) enterprises dairy, brewery and soft drinks and alcoholic beverage industries.

It used to reduce microbial contamination of poultry carcasses in the cooling baths, disinfecting incubators, eggs, premises and equipment slaughterhouse, aerosol disinfection of premises in the presence of birds and animals.

It is used for disinfection of sewage, circulating water in cooling systems, for biocidal treatment of various surfaces and articles. Tool is ideal for working in cold rooms.

Concentrated liquid acid foamless agent based on hydrogen peroxide and stabilized peracetic acid (NAA). The content of active substance - in the concentrate from the NAA 10 to 15% .

It has high bactericidal, fungicide, sporicidal action. Effectively acts against all groups of microorganisms and viruses even at low temperatures and short exposures of time (10 - 20 min. ) Has a strong antibacterial activity against spore - forming bacteria, E. coli, yeast concentration in a 0,015 - 0,1% by NAA. Microbial resistance to disinfectants available.

According to the degree of exposure refers to class 3 moderately hazardous substances. The concentrate has a distinct local irritant effect on skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, but has no sensitizing effect. Working solutions do not cause skin irritation.

Inorganic has solubility in water. In compliance with recommendations for use working solutions have no negative effect on the treated surfaces and may be used for treating stainless steel, aluminum, acidproof plastic, rubber, glass, wood surfaces. Working solutions can be used repeatedly, followed by NAA supervision and adjustment.

Means environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment. Biodegradability, decomposes to water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. The waste solutions agent components decompose rapidly into oxygen, water and acetic acid, traces of which are easily washed off with clean water surface. Do not freeze, all properties are maintained at low temperatures.

The concentration of 0.25 - 0.4%


Means is recommended for a variety of disinfection tasks in the food processing industry, agriculture, in various organizations and communal services, public catering, trade and transport.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Purpose:For surfaces
Application area:Animal husbandry
Disinfecting agent:Organic acid
Form of disinfection:Current
Release form:Solution
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2021

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